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What to Expect

What to expect at a worship service?

Most of the time we start off with coffee and just hang out and visit. When the music starts playing in the auditorium we move on in and find a seat. Our Worship Team is awesome and all are invited to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. Our Pastors messages are practical but yet powerful, we believe you will find his preaching style easy to understand and at the same time challenging all to be more Christlike in their daily walk. 

What do I wear?

To us, how you dress is just not a big deal. You wear whatever you are the most comfortable in. The leadership on the stage will usually wear jeans or khaki pants and a nice golf shirt or button down. Ladies usually dress comparable to the men, (though they always match which cannot be said for all the guys :) ). You will probably not find too many suits, ties or long dresses although if that is what you are most comfortable in and thats they way you prefer to dress for worship, that's exactly what you would love for you to wear. And for kids, it's hard enough getting them dressed to go anywhere, so however you can get them in the car works for us. Just come as your are.